Nakapiripirit technical Institute

Nakapiripirit Technical Institute is a government- aided technical institute which started on 29th March 2011 and is registered under the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) with UBTEB number: UBT206 and DIT registration number: UVQF/591 it is located in Nakapiripirit District, Karamoja Region. The institute envisages to become a Centre of Excellence in technical education and training in Agriculture, Agro business and related skills. As Nakapiripirit VTI, we do appreciate the role of education in socio-economic transformation of the society through skills development.


  • A Centre of excellence in technical education and training in Agriculture, Agrobusiness and related skills.

  • Mission

  • To produce competent Agriculturalist with practical technical education training in Agriculture, Agro-business and related skills to transform the community livelihood and to adapt to modern agriculture and to climate change challenges in Karamoja.

  • Motto

    "Integrated skills empowerment for development"

Organizational Values

Professionalism; Teamwork; Accountability; Result oriented; Academic Excellency and Equity


The Courses We Offer

Short Courses

DIT certificate in (1) Horticultural farming, (2) Agro-forestry,
(3) Brick layer, (4) Motor vehicle mechanics, (5) Tailoring and cutting Garments, (6) Computer application , (7) Hair dressing, (8) Bakery, (9) Carpentary & Joinery.

Our Recent Works

Recent Works

Instructors Capacity Building

Poultry Training

Animal Husbandry

Animal Treatment

Skills Exhibition